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           About Me:

        Here, it's a short biography and details of my academic info.

Short Biography:
Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan (PhD) is assistant professor at Department of communication, Faculty of Social Science, University of Tehran (UT) as well as Adjunct Professor at Universiti Science Malaysia (USM). 
Currently he is holding the position of Director General of Public Relation Department at Univerity of Tehran (since October 2020).
Prior to joining University of Tehran (UT) in 2014 and his recent appointment as Scientific Counselor of Iran in East Asia, he was in Malaysia for 10 years, where he get his PhD from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2010 and serves as Research Assistance and Lecturer at different Universities.
Dr. Ghanbari Baghestan also has more than 10 years of experience working as a journalist at IRNA (National News Agency) as wells as conducting some researches with different research centers and organizations in Iran.
Dr. Ghanbari also is the president of UPM alumni chapter in Iran since 2016.  

Name & Family Name: Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan
Contact info:
Phone: +6-0122748576 (Malaysia/Social Media)/ +98-0-912-5038068 (Iran)
Research ID:
University of Tehran (UT):
News Website:
Affiliations Name: Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan; Ghanbari, A; Baghestan, A. G; Ghanbari-
Baghestan, A.