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           About Me:
        Here, it's a short biography and details of my academic info.

I travel a lot, establish relationship and acting as scientific ambassador everywhere. I've worked with a lot of organizations mostly international ranging from News Agency to Universities, Ministries to Science and Technology Park.
So far Journalist, lecturing at universities, Scientific Diplomat, PR Manager, and International Advisor were my major carrier.
Currently I'm associated professor at University of Tehran (UT) and at the same time, International Advisor to ICT Park.

Name & Family Name: Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan
Contact info:
Phone: +6-0122748576 (Malaysia/Social Media)/ +98-0-912-5038068 (Iran)
Research ID:
University of Tehran (UT):
News Website:
Google Scholar
Affiliations Name: Abbas Ghanbari Baghestan; Ghanbari, A; Baghestan, A. G; Ghanbari-
Baghestan, A.